Dega Automation


The drive rollers and idle rollers are in extruded aluminium and mounted on high-strength bearings, the drive roller has an anti-slip coating, for heavier uses it is coated in caoutchouc or it is splined in the centre.

Power 220V. 50-60 HZ single-phase

  • External signal for the motion (robot contact)
  • Electronic protection against overcharge

Separatore a rulli

Separatore a spirale

Separatore a palette


PU -20°/+120°

PVC -10°/+60°

HT +180°

Spondaflex h. 30/50 mm.

PU PVC -10°/+60°

Articulated Below

as used to be joined to the presses. With the lower flat elongated suitably is inserted into the press compartment or under the unloading of the blow molding machines. The inclined portion is adjustable to accommodate as much as possible to the discharge height, and can be of different lengths. On the exhaust can be fitted with rollers or spiral separators. It can install any type of belts, smooth, supergrip plugs, spondaflex or for high temperature.

Z articulated Conveyor With

Double curve adjustable, with the separator flap fitted as standard, one can separate the pieces that have a difference in thickness of only 2mm. The rotation of the separator is driven by a gearmotor with adjustable clutch which, besides having a safety prevention function, also has the prerogative not to damage parts that touches. It is mounted on wheels, and is normally combined with a granulator that continuously grinds the sprues. Fitted as standard belt supergrip for particular jobs you can install the same belts with the addition of high max 12 mm strips.

Inclined Conveyor

normally installed at the side of the operating machine for unloading into containers or working bench or for filling/evacuating granulator. The belt can be combined with the rolls separators or spiral. It is usually mounted on wheels, but if large size is also mounted on fixed structures. installed with PU smooth strips, supergrip belt, when used to load granulator or evacuation is recommended to use the belt strips with spondaflex.

Articulated High

mainly used to unload the pieces taken from Robot or manipulators. Progress is often controlled by the robot that makes advancing step by step to let cool down pieces deposited. It ‘s mounted on wheels, but also on feet adjustable, it is recommended that the point of deposit of the pieces is fenced by a guard. It ‘s recommended a belt Supergrip, to avoid that the ieces move, but also to facilitate the cooling.


AVP 550 - AVP 750 Electronic Control

The manipulators of the series AVP are suitable for using “on board” of the injection moulding machine to pick up from the mould area, sprue’s or of manufactured articles (with the gripping hand and the vacuum generator). The robust construction ensures a perfect tightness of manipulator with limited duty cycle. Amortized Pneumatic cylinders and large solenoid valves permit a considerable reduction of the extraction cycles. The axes regulation does not require the use of particular tools, in fact, the strokes are adjusted with handles and / or clamps with manual opening and fixing. The manipulator is all made with quality components that allow durability even after several years of use with extreme duty cycles.

The handy control allow in every moment the accurate control of all cycle times, with the visualization’s on the display of each movement time. The standard programs selection is easy and fast, in fact, the memory handle 4 pre-set programs with the possibility to be modified and recall in any time, besides is possible to create new programs and save it into the memory available. The working functions as using of vacuum circuit, part grip verification and part pick up from move and fixed plate is simply selectable by a key from the handy control.


Special application

Our conveyors can be equipped with devices for the detection of non-ferrous metals. By mounting a magnetic roller on the discharge point give good separation of all ferrous metals, even when present in small numbers. We have flat metal detectors can be placed under the belt, or tunnel specially designed for conveyors that feed granulator and crusher.

Conveyor belt for loading filling machines

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