Feeding and Storage


In the mono-phase models, our feeders are fitted with a control card, which allows the regulation of the parameters of pause time, loading time, filter cleaning, proportional valve and also alarm signals for lack of material loading, filter cleaning and replacement of motor carbon brushes.
The control board of the AT type series is positioned on the pump protection box on the floor. the control card allows the setting of the parameters of pause time, loading time, filter cleaning, proportional valve and the alarm signal for lack of material loading, filter blocked, bearing inspection, high temperature and pump overload.


The main feature of our READY system is: The master control working as a sequencer is exactly the same one as the slave board and can be replaced by any slave control that, mounted in the position of the master board, automatically acquires its functions, without requiring programming. The system is expandable up to 64 connections.

The Ready system components are designed to achieve any type of installation and are suitable for transport of most of the granules, thanks to the many accessories, the different types of pumps and receivers it is possible to assemble all plants: “material lines” or “machine lines”. The installation of the piping is of vital importance for the smooth functioning; our teams are equipped to manufacture and assemble any type of plant.

With the PLC management, the management of the transport systems integrates with the management software and interfaces with all the factory departments, from the production department to the purchase planning and the warehouse organization. From the comfortable TOUCH SCREEN interface, the production manager can program not only the parameters of the system workings, but also:

  • If prearranged; the exact interconnection between the material storage silos and the receiver placed on the processing machine.
  • When the silos or the receivers are placed on loading cells, it can manage the availability of the materials in the warehouse.
  • It controls the power of the suction pumps reducing the speed according to the quantity, the quality and the distance of the material to be transported, in order to minimize the energy consumption and most of all the wear of the pipeline.
  • The PLC shows the state of each receiver on the remote screen, giving a signal for each alarm or anomaly of the system.
  • Through the wi-fi connection it is possible to show and program the state of the system with the mobile devices.

Plant for machines with central filter and plant for materials

Fluidification valves for silos and hoppers

Valve for pipe cleaning.



The complete automation of each transport plant is obtained by stocking materials in containers where they can easily and continuously be withdrawn, for indoor storage or in protected areas we can use modular silos that have the great advantages of saving space during transport, being completely modular, using a quick and practical loading system.


Vertical screw-feed blenders for mixing granules or powders in medium and large quantities. Made in carbon steel, painted with epoxy resins, or alternatively in AISI 304 STAINLESS steel, accurately brushed and finished inside and with large inspection hatches, these machines are ideal for clients who wish to blend products to obtain a homogeneous compound. The materials are loaded manually from a large hopper, or automatically using feeding screws for forced load, vacuum feeders or granule launchers, or discharge big-bags or octabins directly into the hopper. A series of optional devices is provided to discharge the material into big-bags and heat it during blending. An optional opening on the inner pipe makes the machine very quick and easy to clean.


Mini-mixers for small and medium quantities of granules, also mixed with powder, ideal for use in “Edge machine”. Small size and easy to clean, the material can be removed automatically with feeders or flexible screws, or manually by the drawer on the bottom.


Box made of Translucent stainless steel, ideal solution for storage of material combining a convenient economic advantage to a significant aesthetic factor. Mounted on wheels, complete with lid, light and practically indestructible, these containers are essential in environments where order and tidiness is required.


MDL mechanical conveyor for powder and re-grinded granules , with the advantage of blending the components during transportation, and feed continuously without cleaning the filters. With various adapters which are part of the range, it is possible to collect the material from containers or directly from bags or from silos. Even for discharge there are many types of adapters which allow this operation in the more difficult locations, without affecting the performance of the machine. The different engines available, according to the diameters and lengths of the spiral, optimize energy consumption, making this transport system the cheapest and performing amongst the different feeding systems. Choosing a suitable profile of the spiral (round, square, rectangular), the yield remains constant even with various materials. By varying the choice of material from carbon steel to AISI 316 stainless steel it is possible to transport flour products for food use.

Polyamide flexible hose (PA 11), spiral rotative heat-treated steel screw, designed for easy cleaning and change color or material. The length of the spiral is variable between 1 and 12 meters.

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