Pneumatic Conveying for Powered & Granule

POWDER SPEED is the best solution for difficult material (Heavy granules, fiber glass material, wet powder) that are impossible to be feeded by vacuum. POWDER SPEED is, on Gravimetric option, useful to dose huge quantity of powder on PVC industry (extrusion) or together with ROTODOSING is possible dose and mix different materials in one station and feed into the machine or inside the mould without de-mixing or powder numb. POWDER SPEED control can manage up to 64 different receivers, and can become a Centralized Feeding System for big quantity. With Air Booster (material fluidification insdie the pipeline) POWDER SPEED can reach 100mt between the loading point and the receiver, without middle station or spare pump. Low speed used in this kind of feeding increase the pipeline life (most at all with fiber glass granules) and will avoid the angel hair or the granule’s breaking during the feeding. With 3 models: 60-80-150lt POWDER SPEED can reach 10500kg/h and distance more than 90mt.

In case the material to be feeded is hot, there’s the “H” version with >120°C proof.

In products with big volume a variation of 1-2% of the weight does not imply a perceptible difference of the cycles of plasticisation and cooling neither any difference in the quality of the product, but without any doubt this mean an extra cost to the final amount of material used. In products with medium/ small volume this difference may alter the quality of products if not duly corrected by the cycle of plasticisation. With the ROTODOSING system that guarantees the weight for each mould, these issues are resolved. The production cycle with the different weights for each mould is guaranteed by dedicated software and supported by a barcode reader that identifies each mould, speeds up the cycle and avoids any possible typing mistake made by the operator. The mechanism is very simple: The material stored in Big Bags or in specific containers is charged with a screw loader that feeds a weighed storage container placed above the moulding area; from this area an operator can get the material to all moulds thanks to a flexible pipe. The Operator with a simple bar codes reader flashes the code placed on the mould and sends the signal to the PC: this opens the valve placed under the weighed container, the system with weight loss doses the right quantity of material into the mould, in the meantime the operator flashes the code placed on the following mould and moves the loading probe into the next mould so the cycle starts.

POWDERTECH is a volumetric powder dosing system, also available in its optional gravimetric version, for powder materials such as PVC or CALCIUM carbonate used for Extrusion or Compounds Being made in AISI 304 extra-polished and having a dosing chamber which is easy to disassemble (without any tools) are enormous advantages that help during the Changing of colour/material: this way the maintenance time is very short and the cost as well. POWDERTECH is equipped with double screw Ø of 35mm.

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