Thermo regulation

Termotech PD

The PD model Termotech are thermo regulators of excellence: their main characteristic is that they can work equally with water or oil, under pressure or suction, to allow continuous temperature control with eve in case of major leaks in the mould. With Termotechs Press with direct exchange, it is possible to thermo regulate the mould with pressurized water at 140 C °or, alternatively, with water at the same temperature of the chiller for thermo regulation at low temperature. The Duplo model is the result of two matched Press, each completely independent from the other, with a shared chassis. The Air is the optimum temperature controller the transformation of the elastomeric or thermosetting material, controlled directly by the press to which is matched, the cooling air is produced by a fan. 

The machines equipped with PLC control can be connected in the net and can be interfaced and controlled by the PLC of the machine they are slaved to, moreover it is possible to see the pressure and the going and return flow of the circulating liquid (optional).

TERMOTECH PLUS is the most versatile machine of the range; it is possible to regulate the temperature of the water up to 95° C. and oil up to 150° C., in continuous pressure and vacuum, with variable powers between 3 and 9 Kw. The Plus can be interfaced and programmed with the control of the machine it is matched to.

TERMOTECH DUPLO, per termoregolare ad acqua fino a 140°C., con due temperature diverse, raffreddamento a scambio diretto.

TERMOTECH 200L Machine designed for the thermoregulation of large moulds where they normally require a large flow of water and low temperature, particularly suitable in AUTOMOTIVE sector for the thermoregulation of bumper moulds and dashboards. Very good also for the thermoregulation of calenders for forming slabs of PC, PVC, PA, PET, ABS, PS, PMMA, etc.

TERMOTECH AIR, thermo-regulator suitable for the rubber and thermosetting industry or where warming is more requested than cooling.

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